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Foam Board Insulation is Great for the Garage

polystyrene foam board insulation

Although foam board insulation can be used in almost any part of a home, this material is particularly well suited for a garage space where exposed walls and ceilings need insulation with ease of installation. The most obvious reason for installing rigid board insulation in your garage is the heating and cooling efficiency gained by using it. It reduces heat conduction through a garage’s structural supports such as wood and steel wall studs. Another benefit is the materials used in making this insulation act as a vapor barrier, and help eliminate damp walls and floors, cutting down on the chance … Continue reading

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Garage Door Insulation Adds Comfort While Saving Money

Foil insulation being installed

The addition of garage door insulation should be one of the first considerations when renovating a garage. In almost every home with an attached garage its heating and cooling needs may be overlooked. Beyond the regular insulation needed for a garage’s walls you need to also consider garage door insulation to finish off the energy efficiency of the space. A home’s garage, of course, does not need to be kept cool or warm, but you and your family do. In many homes featuring a second story, a living space is most often located above a garage (whether finished or unfinished). … Continue reading

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