Vehicle Exhaust Removal Systems for a Home Garage

vehicle exhaust removal systems

Men that are serious about their garage and need it to be a year-round workspace should consider the many vehicle exhaust removal systems on the market. By eliminating carbon monoxide dangers, a user can work in a warm, well-lit area with all tools within reach day or night all year long. There are many styles of exhaust removal systems and they can also be affordable with many of these portable exhaust extraction kits selling for under $1500. At it’s most basic level, an exhaust extractor is a simple hose that attaches to the exhaust pipe, runs along the floor and … Continue reading

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Reconsider Classic Side Hinged Garage Doors

wooden side hinged garage door

Everyone knows that side hinged garage doors look great on a carriage house, but why are they often ignored in favor of a rollup door or up-and-over garage doors in homes across the country today. There are many benefits to a garage door with side hinges and it is time for many homeowners to reconsider this classic style that has endured for decades. The benefits are easily categorized and just some that this article will touch on include ease of use, maintenance, safety, style, convenience and security. There are distinct advantages to a door that only side hinges can provide. … Continue reading

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Garage Door Sensors Offer Safety and Security

garage door wireless alarm

Garage security and safety concerns can both be met by garage door sensors. Safety issues such as a door closing on a small child or pet can be avoided by installing sensors. Security issues can also be addressed – there are garage door sensors that function as garage door alarms, alerting the homeowner to potential intruders. The simplest function of sensors used in conjunction with the garage door is to allow a closing door to stop its downward action and to reverse direction, thus avoiding the potential for crushing or otherwise trapping a person or object in the door’s path. … Continue reading

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Garage Concrete Floor Sealer – Keeps Your Garage Looking Its Best

concrete sealer leaves water beading

A little preventative maintenance with a garage concrete floor sealer will help extend the life of any garage floor surface. Almost all garage floors are made of concrete. Although it is durable, concrete is not indestructible. Concrete, especially the less smoothly-finished pours, is a fairly porous material. It will absorb water, motor oil, and other solvents spilled on the surface, many times leaving an unsightly stain. Of course, continual scrubbing to keep the surface spot free is an option. A better plan is as little preemptive work. Applying a garage floor sealer is both an easy task and an inexpensive … Continue reading

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A Slop Sink Helps Any Garage, But Pick the Right One

stainless steel slop sink

A slop sink is a great custom garage feature that can make all kinds of household tasks easier, but many people jump at the first one and give little thought ahead of time to the features available and how they can benefit from them. If you are thinking about adding a utility sink to your garage then there are many things to consider. This article will help you make the right decision about the slop sink that works best for you and your garage. What’s the Use? No, this is not a cry of defeat, but a serious question to … Continue reading

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DIY Garage Shelving Plans For a Sleek, Chrome Custom Look

chrome gridwall panel

Often when homeowners think of custom garage shelving plans they see dollar signs instead. Believe it or not, there are some great DIY ways to get a modern industrial look with lots of chrome and character without breaking the bank. In this article you will find several tips on getting some great garage shelving ideas for pennies on the dollar. The functionality and versatility that can be obtained by your own custom garage shelves are amazing. After all, a garage is to be used and not just stared at. If you are tired of sagging shelving or just want to … Continue reading

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Bike Racks for Garage Storage – Choosing the Best For You

freestanding bike stand

Bikes are commonly stored in garages, but often become inaccessible or take up too much space. There are some great choices in bike racks for garage storage and this article will outline the pros and cons of the best ones on the market today. Before even considering garage bike racks, there are some questions that need to be answered. Who is using it? How often will it be used? Is space a consideration? Arming yourself with just the answers to these few simple questions can mean the difference between choosing a great garage rack that really helps or just a … Continue reading

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Choosing a Garage Door Paint to Create a Great Custom Garage Door

garage door paint sprayer

Custom garage doors can be expensive, but achieving the look of one doesn’t have to be! Garage door paint can transform a door both dramatically and affordably. The painting job is easy, but when it comes to garage door paint knowing when to paint, what to paint, and what kinds of paint there are to buy may be the most difficult part of planning this simple DIY job. In today’s world it seems as if we have too many choices sometimes. Paint for garage doors is no different in that sense than any other decorative purchase. Choice is virtually limitless … Continue reading

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