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Garage Exhaust Fans Mean Custom Garage Comfort

wall mount garage exhaust fan

A custom garage is usually defined by the interior, but the mechanical parts are just as important and this includes garage exhaust fans. Although many people have seen the acronym “HVAC” not too many realize what it stands for. “HVAC” is short for “Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning”. Almost everyone understands the necessity for heating and cooling. But most people give no thought to the “V” in “HVAC”: the ventilation. Houses need to breathe, and so do garages. Garage exhaust fans can work wonders to control a garage’s temperature and remove harmful fumes from the space and make it a … Continue reading

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Choosing the Best Garage Roofing – Styles, Durability, and Cost

slate metal roofing shingles

The choices on the market today for garage roofing may seem overwhelming and there are many factors to consider. Performance, appearance and (often overlooked) laws and regulations that may limit choices. Read on to find about the types and lifespan of popular materials, questions to ask, and what factors to consider when redoing a roof or installing a garage roof for the first time. Garage Roofing Materials The choices for an attached garage are, obviously, far more limiting than for a freestanding structure. The attached garage roofing material should match the home and in the vast majority of cases this … Continue reading

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