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Garage Concrete Floor Sealer – Keeps Your Garage Looking Its Best

concrete sealer leaves water beading

A little preventative maintenance with a garage concrete floor sealer will help extend the life of any garage floor surface. Almost all garage floors are made of concrete. Although it is durable, concrete is not indestructible. Concrete, especially the less smoothly-finished pours, is a fairly porous material. It will absorb water, motor oil, and other solvents spilled on the surface, many times leaving an unsightly stain. Of course, continual scrubbing to keep the surface spot free is an option. A better plan is as little preemptive work. Applying a garage floor sealer is both an easy task and an inexpensive … Continue reading

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A Tight Garage Door Bottom Seal – Choose the Right Products

garage door bottom seal

Getting the perfect garage door bottom seal is not as hard as you think. The important thing is to remember that this is a two step process: the seal and the threshold. If either one of these is not chosen well than it may mean cold or hot air, dust, insects, rodents and other unwanted things may find their way into your clean garage. Preliminary Plans The common time of the year for a homeowner to think about a garage door bottom seal replacement is during the summer. During the warmer months it is easy to forget the rainy, slushy … Continue reading

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Top 5 Garage Flooring Options

epoxy garage floor

The most popular garage flooring options offer not only something for every style, but also for every wallet! Below are five of the most popular types of garage floor coverings along with some pros and cons and a typical cost range. Beyond just beauty, a great garage floor can enhance property value and provide a safer, cleaner and more comfortable environment for working in the garage. Check out these great garage flooring options and start planning the perfect garage conversion, renovation, or redo. Concrete Probably the most basic of all garage floors is a simple polished concrete slab with a … Continue reading

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