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Roller Garage Doors for the Home

roller garage doors wayne dalton

Commercial roller garage doors, used for years in warehousing and other industrial applications, were anything but decorative. They were strictly utilitarian. However, today one can have roller shutter garage doors for the home that are attractive, insulated, and because of their unique roll-up design, allow for freer use of a garage’s ceiling space. Garage doors come in many configurations and of many different materials. One can buy fiberglass garage doors, or insulated garage doors, or sliding garage doors. A more recently “refined” innovation is the roller garage door. This is the kind of door most often associated with inner-city store … Continue reading

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Reconsider Classic Side Hinged Garage Doors

wooden side hinged garage door

Everyone knows that side hinged garage doors look great on a carriage house, but why are they often ignored in favor of a rollup door or up-and-over garage doors in homes across the country today. There are many benefits to a garage door with side hinges and it is time for many homeowners to reconsider this classic style that has endured for decades. The benefits are easily categorized and just some that this article will touch on include ease of use, maintenance, safety, style, convenience and security. There are distinct advantages to a door that only side hinges can provide. … Continue reading

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Garage Door Sensors Offer Safety and Security

garage door wireless alarm

Garage security and safety concerns can both be met by garage door sensors. Safety issues such as a door closing on a small child or pet can be avoided by installing sensors. Security issues can also be addressed – there are garage door sensors that function as garage door alarms, alerting the homeowner to potential intruders. The simplest function of sensors used in conjunction with the garage door is to allow a closing door to stop its downward action and to reverse direction, thus avoiding the potential for crushing or otherwise trapping a person or object in the door’s path. … Continue reading

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Choosing a Garage Door Paint to Create a Great Custom Garage Door

garage door paint sprayer

Custom garage doors can be expensive, but achieving the look of one doesn’t have to be! Garage door paint can transform a door both dramatically and affordably. The painting job is easy, but when it comes to garage door paint knowing when to paint, what to paint, and what kinds of paint there are to buy may be the most difficult part of planning this simple DIY job. In today’s world it seems as if we have too many choices sometimes. Paint for garage doors is no different in that sense than any other decorative purchase. Choice is virtually limitless … Continue reading

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Custom Garage Door Window Inserts Add Light and Value

traditional garage door window inserts

Custom garage door window inserts are smart and beautiful investments in a home, but there can be pitfalls in choosing the right one. The security of garage windows is just a big a factor as curb appeal so make the right choice. Before making a decision about what type of garage door window inserts to install, however, you need to think about security.  What is the need for the inserts?  Are they simply decorative or should they be of a type to deter break-ins?  These questions can only be answered by the homeowner based upon experience.  A good idea, however, … Continue reading

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Garage Door Locks – Where Protection Starts

typical garage side lock

Choosing among the various types of garage door locks may seem challenging, but it is essential and, yet, so few people give them a second thought. Protecting your family and valuables starts with a reliable lock and for a good reason. Locks serve one purpose and one purpose only: locks keep honest people honest. Any determined thief or burglar will not let something as picayune as a lock stop him or her from stealing anyone’s household goods. However, it isn’t necessary to make it easy for such thieves, either. Installing and maintaining a garage door lock is a wise step … Continue reading

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A Tight Garage Door Bottom Seal – Choose the Right Products

garage door bottom seal

Getting the perfect garage door bottom seal is not as hard as you think. The important thing is to remember that this is a two step process: the seal and the threshold. If either one of these is not chosen well than it may mean cold or hot air, dust, insects, rodents and other unwanted things may find their way into your clean garage. Preliminary Plans The common time of the year for a homeowner to think about a garage door bottom seal replacement is during the summer. During the warmer months it is easy to forget the rainy, slushy … Continue reading

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Cedar Garage Doors Offer Performance and Curb Appeal

traditional cedar carriage garage door

Garage doors come in many materials, but among the most attractive and durable are cedar garage doors. Adding aesthetic appeal to any home exterior is critical.  An overlooked area is the garage and wooden garage doors have a certain timeless appeal.  Although many garage doors are made of wood (redwood, oak, etc.), cedar can outshine them all. Cedar garage doors may be made of vertical planks, shakes or lateral beams. Styles are up to the homeowner and the supplier – one can choose from thousands of designs. Installation is not more difficult than for any other garage door.  Cedar wood … Continue reading

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