Vehicle Exhaust Removal Systems for a Home Garage

Men that are serious about their garage and need it to be a year-round workspace should consider the many vehicle exhaust removal systems on the market. By eliminating carbon monoxide dangers, a user can work in a warm, well-lit area with all tools within reach day or night all year long. There are many styles of exhaust removal systems and they can also be affordable with many of these portable exhaust extraction kits selling for under $1500.

At it’s most basic level, an exhaust extractor is a simple hose that attaches to the exhaust pipe, runs along the floor and vents either under the garage door or through a vent hole cut into the wall. These simple systems may be used in conjunction with an exhaust fan, but often they work largely the same as a dryer exhaust vent and rely on the force of air from the vehicle to expel them outward. There are only a few things to consider with this entry-level system. First make sure the hose is the proper size or has an adapter to fit your vehicle. If this will also be used for motorcycles, ATVs, lawnmowers or scooters then a series of adapters may be needed. Second, the hose needs to be rugged and crushproof. It will get walked on, run over, and have things dropped on it. These things happen in a garage. A hose must be able to take these blows and not leak carbon monoxide or pinch or kink in such a way that airflow is impeded. Third, make sure that whatever hose you are considering is capable of meeting the high temperatures that an idling vehicle can reach. There is no advantage in saving a few bucks when the hose may melt or catch fire when used!

vehicle exhaust removal systems

A heat resistant garage exhaust hose

A more advanced type of exhaust extractor is the portable style. These compact units have a powerful blower and hose attached to a portable frame that can be wheeled into position and stored neatly out of the way when not in use. Often, these machines are capable of handling output from multiple vehicles. The same tips apply when choosing one – make sure the hose meets your needs and check the airflow rate provided by the blower motor.

For those looking for the ultimate custom garage kit the choice is usually a fixed overhead system with a drop hose reel. This system uses either a motorized reel or one that can be operated manually. The ductwork is usually a permanent installation and tied into a powerful garage exhaust fan. This kind of investment is not for most homeowners, but there are some true gearheads for which it is the only sensible choice. This type is a great option when floor space is limited or when venting to a low level could be a nuisance to other people.  It is easy to vent these outward at ceiling level through a wall or vertically through the garage roofing. Not all exhaust hoses are suitable for reels so make sure to check for compatibility if the components are bough separately.

Always be thinking about safety and this starts with choosing a hose capable or standing up to pressure and heat, a fan that will draw fumes safely outward, and a carbon monoxide detector.  Many vehicle exhaust removal systems will have a built in carbon monoxide detector, but it is always recommended to have another installed and operational in the workspace at all times. The ability to work indoors on a vehicle during the long, cold winter months is well worth the price of installing one of these three types of systems and just one more way to make a home garage a custom garage.

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