Roller Garage Doors for the Home

Commercial roller garage doors, used for years in warehousing and other industrial applications, were anything but decorative. They were strictly utilitarian. However, today one can have roller shutter garage doors for the home that are attractive, insulated, and because of their unique roll-up design, allow for freer use of a garage’s ceiling space.

Garage doors come in many configurations and of many different materials. One can buy fiberglass garage doors, or insulated garage doors, or sliding garage doors. A more recently “refined” innovation is the roller garage door. This is the kind of door most often associated with inner-city store fronts, drawn down at night, graffiti-covered and unsightly. Some creativity, however, have allowed these commercial garage doors to be adapted to a residential environment.

Roll-up garage doors, like their more orthodox counterparts, are constructed from many different materials. Perhaps the most durable for this style of garage door is stainless steel or aluminum. Other materials, such as transparent or translucent corrugated fiberglass can be used as well, but these are not as impact resistant as metal (given to cracking and crazing under stress). Similarly, these doors come in any shade or simulated wood surface imaginable. Even a bare door can be properly painted to accent the décor of the home to which the door is attached.

roller garage doors wayne dalton

Wayne Dalton Roller Garage Door

The typical single car garage roller door has a factory preloaded spring inside the rolling mechanism. This spring allows the door to more easily be raised and lowered by the home owner. Installing these doors is perhaps not something to be done by the homeowner. The springs that lighten the work load of raising and lowering the doors have a tremendous amount of tension required for installing. A loose one could be hazardous, roughly equivalent to being slingshot if it flew loose. It is best to have a professional installer do the work. The retailer from which a purchase is made may offer install service as well.

Roller doors from the factory cannot be effectively insulated as the reel-up action would interfere with any external applications.  However, insulated garage doors are factory made using an aluminum lathe work which is then filled with foam. These not only add thermal protection but also serve as an acoustic buffer as well. Finally, because garage roller doors are relatively self contained (they roll up, much like a typical window shade) they leave the garage’s ceiling space free to use for better lighting or to install overhead bicycle racks, storage hooks, and suspended shelves for boxes.

Every roller garage door can be fitted with an automatic garage door opener. Likewise, they can be rigged with garage door sensors to stop the door in its downward path if an obstacle is between the door and the floor. For added security, garage door alarm contacts can be installed and either hardwired into the home’s security system or fed wirelessly using an RF transmitter. Cost wise, these are competitive with other styles. There is nothing one cannot do with roller garage doors that can’t be done with a more typical door.

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