A Slop Sink Helps Any Garage, But Pick the Right One

A slop sink is a great custom garage feature that can make all kinds of household tasks easier, but many people jump at the first one and give little thought ahead of time to the features available and how they can benefit from them. If you are thinking about adding a utility sink to your garage then there are many things to consider. This article will help you make the right decision about the slop sink that works best for you and your garage.

What’s the Use?

No, this is not a cry of defeat, but a serious question to ask yourself. Only when you know what a sink will be used for can you choose the right one. Will it be a mop sink? A place to wash pets? How often and how deep will things be kept soaking in it?

I was lucky. My slop sink was already installed and was the right size for my primary need – soaking silk-screens for cleaning and reuse. At 23″ x 23″ this single bowl sink was great. Many people need to soak larger, taller objects, though, and a big mistake comes with buying a sink just because it is supersized. This may just waste time and gallons of water to fill the space. A smaller, deeper sink may fill the duty better. Or, how about a double bowl slop sink? This compartmentalizing will give you the option for a deep bowl without having to fill a large sink. Imagine how it will be used most of the time and shop accordingly.

Plastic, Stainless, or Porcelain

single bowl plastic slop sink

Traditional Slop Sink

A stainless steel utility sink is perfect if you are constantly cleaning things that contain chemicals that may corrode or damage plastic. Many things in the garage can do this! Stainless looks great and will match a clean, industrial garage style and cleanup is a snap. They are built to last. Heavy-duty plastic can also be a top choice especially for people that are mostly doing true mudwork and using mostly soap and water. Of course, the beauty of porcelain is timeless and can be used in a more upscale garage or mudroom just off the garage.

Slop Sink Fixtures

The choice in faucets can be as varied as the rest of the house. A shallow bowl can be compensated for with a tall faucet or a spray hose. Faucets can also be equipped with nozzle threading to allow for quick attachment of a garden hose, too. If not already built in, there are things like soap dispensers for bars or liquids that can clip to the side for keeping cleaning close at hand. The choices in fixtures available for slop sinks is practically endless.

Buying a Slop Sink

stainless steel slop sink

High End Stainless Steel Utility Sink

Most of the big box DIY stores will have a selection of utility sinks. With some searching there can be both wall mount and ones on a base found. Some bases are just legs, while others have extra storage shelves underneath to hold towels, cleaning supplies or whatever you desire. This is a nice added touch, but it may also come at a premium. Of course, there are dozens and dozens of utility sinks available at Amazon for those that would rather shop online for an increased selection. Click HERE to peruse their inventory and gather ideas.

Utility Sink Installation

Fortunately, in many American homes the hot water heater is already in the garage and this makes it very easy to plumb in a slop sink. That is not to say that a plumber won’t be required, but the job is basic and won’t cost an arm and a leg for installation. Once in place, these sinks are workhorses and can easily last ten years or longer.

A good garage sink really does make life easier and keeps the rest of the house neater. The cost can range from around $50 for a low end, but serviceable sink to several hundreds of dollars for a porcelain slop sink on a nice stand. There is one for every budget. The sizes vary greatly and when single bowl and double bowl options are considered the choices really climb. Think about it. You will be glad you did!

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