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Garage Ceiling Storage – Overhead Storage is Really Looking Up

garage overhead rack for ceiling storage

Garage storage ideas and solutions are not limited to the floors or the vertical walls.  There is a “fifth wall” that is rarely used for tucking away infrequently used items. That, of course, is the overhead space. Garage ceiling storage can be accommodated with a wide variety of options that fit any storage need. Most people think of storage as a “ground-based” affair, mounting shelves to the walls, or placing cabinetry on floors. In a typical garage, one may find pegboard as a half-hearted nod to organizing the space. But much of a garage’s space is wasted, and that is … Continue reading

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DIY Garage Shelving Plans For a Sleek, Chrome Custom Look

chrome gridwall panel

Often when homeowners think of custom garage shelving plans they see dollar signs instead. Believe it or not, there are some great DIY ways to get a modern industrial look with lots of chrome and character without breaking the bank. In this article you will find several tips on getting some great garage shelving ideas for pennies on the dollar. The functionality and versatility that can be obtained by your own custom garage shelves are amazing. After all, a garage is to be used and not just stared at. If you are tired of sagging shelving or just want to … Continue reading

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Bike Racks for Garage Storage – Choosing the Best For You

freestanding bike stand

Bikes are commonly stored in garages, but often become inaccessible or take up too much space. There are some great choices in bike racks for garage storage and this article will outline the pros and cons of the best ones on the market today. Before even considering garage bike racks, there are some questions that need to be answered. Who is using it? How often will it be used? Is space a consideration? Arming yourself with just the answers to these few simple questions can mean the difference between choosing a great garage rack that really helps or just a … Continue reading

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