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Roller Garage Doors for the Home

roller garage doors wayne dalton

Commercial roller garage doors, used for years in warehousing and other industrial applications, were anything but decorative. They were strictly utilitarian. However, today one can have roller shutter garage doors for the home that are attractive, insulated, and because of their unique roll-up design, allow for freer use of a garage’s ceiling space. Garage doors come in many configurations and of many different materials. One can buy fiberglass garage doors, or insulated garage doors, or sliding garage doors. A more recently “refined” innovation is the roller garage door. This is the kind of door most often associated with inner-city store … Continue reading

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Reconsider Classic Side Hinged Garage Doors

wooden side hinged garage door

Everyone knows that side hinged garage doors look great on a carriage house, but why are they often ignored in favor of a rollup door or up-and-over garage doors in homes across the country today. There are many benefits to a garage door with side hinges and it is time for many homeowners to reconsider this classic style that has endured for decades. The benefits are easily categorized and just some that this article will touch on include ease of use, maintenance, safety, style, convenience and security. There are distinct advantages to a door that only side hinges can provide. … Continue reading

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Fiberglass Garage Doors – A Durable and Stylish Choice

raised panel style fiberglass garage door

Fiberglass garage doors are quickly winning over homeowners, but is fiberglass the best choice for you and your home? There are many considerations beyond just how these doors look. Style and price are common considerations, but many people forget to factor in weather and usage as well. The right decision is important because the garage door is generally the largest, single unbroken visual expanse on any home.  A sturdy and attractive door can make the difference between mediocrity and true classic décor.  The wide range of styles and fashionable colors and surface textures makes fiberglass garage doors one of the … Continue reading

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