Garage Laser Parking System – High Tech Accident Prevention

For any homeowner that has suffered the embarrassment of pulling too far into the garage and damaging a wall, the blow to their pride is unforgettable. Unfortunately, the blow to the wallet from costly structural repairs can be just as unforgettable! Technology has come to the rescue in the form of a garage laser parking system that is easy to install, simple to use, and affordable to purchase.

Why use a laser parking guide?

Let’s face it, the quick-fix tennis ball attached to a string does work, but it is ugly and in an empty two car garage, these balls can be in the way when working. Rambunctious kids just love to hit them and pull on them, too. This can cause ceiling plaster damage. The ceiling mounted garage laser is compact and never interferes with daily operations. Best of all, its bright laser beam can be clearly in all garages no matter how badly lit. The bright beam is easy to spot as a vehicle enters its path. Following the dot up the hood is easy and ensures a precision parking job each and every time.

Who can benefit from a laser parking assist?

garage laser parking system
Accidents can happen to anyone, but teens and the elderly are most likely to ram the far garage wall with a vehicle. Any family with inexperienced drivers or elderly drivers with slowing reflexes can benefit from a garage parking laser. The beam triggers automatically when a car enters the garage and provides an instant reminder of how far to pull forward and it also acts as a great way to keep a vehicle properly centered in a parking space.

Cost and installation of a garage parking laser

dual garage parking laserThe ease of installation makes the laser a great do-it-yourself project. Many popular models are battery operated, which means no complicated wiring issues or location hassles. There are dual models that work by battery or AC/DC plugin converter. The Maxsa Dual Parking Laser has two beams that shoot out at angles to cover two different parking spaces simultaneously. This is great for a busy family with multiple drivers. The Chamberlain Liftmaster Universal Laser is designed especially to work for those garages that already have a Liftmaster garage door installed. This laser simply attaches to points on the garage door opener and is activated by the garage door remote.  Either of these are great choices and there are many more to choose from.

The cost for a garage laser can be as little as $15 with fancier models ranging anywhere from $35 to $50 and up. Installation costs can be free if a person is handy with some basic tools. A handyman will probably charge at least $20 to install based on garage ceiling height and any wiring issues.

Garage safety is a must. The small cost to purchase and install a parking assist laser is peanuts compared to the thousands of dollars that in structural repairs that may occur if the car clips the studwork of a supporting wall. These devices also make great gifts for any loved one’s garage. Guys love them because they are another garage toy that will let them continue their garage customizations.

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