DIY Garage Shelving Plans For a Sleek, Chrome Custom Look

Often when homeowners think of custom garage shelving plans they see dollar signs instead. Believe it or not, there are some great DIY ways to get a modern industrial look with lots of chrome and character without breaking the bank. In this article you will find several tips on getting some great garage shelving ideas for pennies on the dollar. The functionality and versatility that can be obtained by your own custom garage shelves are amazing. After all, a garage is to be used and not just stared at. If you are tired of sagging shelving or just want to makeover a garage in a new style then chrome shelving is a great option.

The best garage shelving plans will incorporate some flexible free standing units as well as some wall units for extra storage. The before and after can really be rewarding not to mention making the entire space more user friendly. Freestanding units and wall shelves work great in tandem and both are worth considering when tackling garage organization.

Freestanding Chrome Shelving

chrome bakers rack with wheels

A Wheeled Chrome Rack Makes Versatile Garage Shelving

Many people have old wooden shelves in their garages, but they are usually wasted space. Static shelves that sag are no help to anyone. One of the best-kept secrets for those that love the industrial look and versatility is a chrome baker’s rack. Seriously! These racks are fantastic garage shelving. First of all, they are chrome plated with a nice industrial look, which is perfect for a garage. Also, they look fantastic with diamond plate rubber garage flooring and other masculine garage accessories. Secondly, these shelves come in many sizes to accommodate any space and storage need. Yet another advantage is the adjustability of the shelves. Each shelf can be raised and lowered and locked into place to store a variety of items. They are great for small plastic tub storage or rows of corrugated banker boxes. These racks can also be mounted on locking wheels, which make them the ultimate choice. When spring cleaning or rearranging, they can be wheeled temporarily out of position without unloading! Just try that with your normal metal shelving!

Now, these sturdy and flexible shelving units can be expensive if purchased at a restaurant supply house, but they can often be found used at auctions or from retailers that deal in used restaurant equipment. They are a great investment that can always be resold or moved into the pantry if no longer needed.

Versatile Garage Shelving Plans for the Walls

chrome gridwall panel

Sleek and Industrial Chrome Gridwall Panel

Again, this requires a bit of thinking outside the DIY box! A chrome gridwall panel makes excellent shelving and provides modern flair. It can be used like slatwall or pegboard and a variety of hooks, baskets and small shelves can be attached and rearranged at will. Because chrome gridwall is available in very long lengths and a variety of widths they also make excellent shelves. They can be laid across brackets much like traditional boards, but here is a tip you may want to consider that gives you the best of both styles.

There are special clips for hanging gridwall and normally these panels are secured on all sides. However, by only securing them along the top, these panels are free to swing upward. Small lengths of chain can be suspended from the bottom corners and once the panels are swung to a horizontal position these chains can be secured into eyehooks in the wall to create a sturdy shelf. This is great when shelving is only needed temporarily. Afterwards, the chain can be unhooked from the wall anchors and the panel allowed to drop downward to rest against the wall where it can again be used much like traditional pegboard.

Chrome gridwall panels can be purchased from retail supply houses or online at Amazon. The versatility makes them great garage shelving. They can often be found used when a store sells off old fixtures, too.

These two ideas can be a great basis for a sleek and highly functional garage shelving plan that is also quite sturdy and very versatile. The modular aspects and mix-and-match styling means that any configuration is sure to look great and provide a cool custom garage look without the custom garage price!

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