Top 5 Garage Flooring Options

The most popular garage flooring options offer not only something for every style, but also for every wallet! Below are five of the most popular types of garage floor coverings along with some pros and cons and a typical cost range. Beyond just beauty, a great garage floor can enhance property value and provide a safer, cleaner and more comfortable environment for working in the garage. Check out these great garage flooring options and start planning the perfect garage conversion, renovation, or redo.


Probably the most basic of all garage floors is a simple polished concrete slab with a coat of concrete sealer. There are still ways to make it better, though. There are numerous concrete stains on the market to change the color and textural appearance of the floor. A good stain can mimic many materials and give the garage a cool, custom look. The common method involves a Reactive Acid Chemical garage floor concrete stainwhich acts upon the concrete substrate to produce a one-of-a-kind look, but there are plenty of stains that do not rely on acids.

The downside is that a stain does little to protect the floor from ugly oil or rust stains. The typical concrete floor stain will cost around $25 to $45 a gallon. Fancier finishes should be handled by a professional, but simple colors can be tackled by a handy homeowner. Common brands of concrete stains or RACs include Marshalltown, Rust-Oleum,and Valspar. Many 200 to 400 square foot areas can be treated with stain for under $100.

Garage Mats

park smart car matOne of the best reasons for using garage mats is the ease of installation. Generally, garage mats are just placed on the bare concrete with no adhesive needed and any homeowner can easily do-it-themselves. Many styles of garage mats are also containment mats used directly under where a vehicle parks. These type have a small lip around the perimeter to keep water, dirt and spills safely contained and this makes for a cleaner garage and house. The entire floor does not have to be covered with a garage mat and they can be removed at any time for replacement or cleaning. A rubber or plastic mat will generally cost anywhere from $50 to $200+ depending upon thickness and features. Popular manufacturers: Park Smart and Speck Deck.

Garage Roll Flooring

diamond plate garage roll flooringSeamless roll flooring is becoming incredibly popular for many reasons. It unrolls like carpet and only requires a utility knife to cut. It is available in many designer colors and can be found in a variety of textures like diamond plate, ribbed, coin pattern, and smooth. Garage roll matting can be purchased in 9’ and 10’ wide rolls and many companies offer lengths up to 60 feet! It can also be purchased in multiple grades from standard to industrial for garages with heavy traffic. Easy to clean, it can be hosed, mopped or swept. The non-porous surface also protects the floor from corrosives like salt and battery acid and offers resistance to oil and antifreeze spills, too. Most average garages will cost $400 to $1000 to cover.

Garage Floor Tiles

garage floor tilesThe use of modular garage tiles is one of the easiest (and coolest) ways to totally transform a garage in just a few hours. Garage tiles can be purchased with the same range of textures as roll flooring, but they come in so many more colors and can even be purchased with many popular logos and designs include professional sports logos, college graphics, and even custom designs. These tiles usually come in 12″ or 18″ squares and cleverly interlock with one another or have a peel-and-stick backing. Checkerboard patterns, borders and other geometric patterns can be easily laid in just a few hours with this highly versatile garage flooring option.

These squares also offer the same floor protection as roll flooring and will keep corrosives and oils off the floor. Another great advantage is if one tile becomes damaged it can be popped out and replaced with ease. There are dozens of popular brands and some common ones are Swisstrax, Racedeck, and Thermal Dry. The cost varies widely, but a common range is from $2 to $6 each for a 12″ square.

Liquid Flooring

epoxy garage floorLast, and certainly not least, is the line of paint, epoxy and other creative products like Liquid Granite. Cost effective, these treatments will work in almost any garage as long as the surface is prepped properly. Most kits can be tackled by homeowners with ease. The finished garage can have a showroom quality floor! Easy to clean and beautiful to look at, the use of a quality epoxy resin can offer real floor protection against chemical damage much like rubber roll flooring or garage tiles. Check out products from makers like Rust-Oleum, Quikrete, and Behr. The cost for many brands is less than $100 – a small price to pay for a showroom quality floor.

No matter what type of garage floor you decide upon, the investment will greatly increase the appeal of your garage and workspace. Along with a custom garage door, the floor can be the biggest change a homeowner can make and today homeowners have more garage flooring options than ever. Take Garage Triage’s advice and make the change – STAT!

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