Garage Door Locks – Where Protection Starts

Choosing among the various types of garage door locks may seem challenging, but it is essential and, yet, so few people give them a second thought. Protecting your family and valuables starts with a reliable lock and for a good reason. Locks serve one purpose and one purpose only: locks keep honest people honest. Any determined thief or burglar will not let something as picayune as a lock stop him or her from stealing anyone’s household goods. However, it isn’t necessary to make it easy for such thieves, either. Installing and maintaining a garage door lock is a wise step toward improved home security.

Almost anyone’s automobile is better secured against break-in or theft than the average garage. Most people lock their vehicle’s doors and have an on-board security system that is armed every time the vehicle is left unattended. Such diligence is not always applied to the home, however. Many homes have attached garages with direct access to the home’s living space. The same homeowners who would never think about leaving their car unlocked often leave their garage doors open, even throughout the night. Or they’ll leave it in the “closed” position without locking it. No lock is of any value unless it is used; simply latching the existing garage lock is a first step.

typical garage side lock

A garage door lock can be inexpensive!

However, the lock is only as good as its foundation. The standard aluminum or sheet metal garage door is an invitation to robbery. It is easily pried loose for easy access to the garage, and then into the home. Sturdier doors such as steel backed fiberglass garage doors or cedar wood garage doors should be considered for their strength.

No miscreant wants to spend more time than is necessary to gain entry. Any garage door lock is better than none at all, and even the most inexpensive locks can be a deterrent. As there are a wide range of locks from which to choose, selection will be based more on budget and personal taste factors.

garage door hasp lock

Standard hasp often used as a garage door lock.

An inexpensive but effective method of securing a garage is with the use of an ordinary padlock and a long, sliding latch bar or a hinge-and-hasp arrangement. Any sturdy padlock will do; almost all are resistant to hack-sawing with most able to withstand some bolt cutter use as well (presuming the would-be thief has a bolt cutter handy). This set-up can be done for as little as $15.

The exterior hasp is unsightly, however, and garage locks should be aesthetically integrated into the garage door’s décor whenever possible. The interior sliding bar, with its lock mechanism known as the “T-handle lock” is one such effective method. It uses a bar that slides into slots in the metal garage door guides; access is with the handle on the center face of the door, which has a keyed lock set in its center. These are difficult to break through, assuming the door is sturdy enough to take a battering. One disadvantage is cheaper models’ handles are prone to snapping off over time from metal fatigue – it is wiser to pay more for a better quality model. Inexpensive sets average about $10 for the locking mechanism (the sliding latch bar is a separate expense.)

Installing an automatic garage door opener is also an excellent way to safeguard the garage area. By their very nature automatic garage doors add extra security without adding cost. The motor and chain drive keeps the door firmly secured in the “closed” position. If the garage door is sturdy enough, no amount of casual prying (except with a car jack, and even then a thief is wasting valuable time) will raise the door. Automatic garage door opener kits can be had for as little as $100.

The look and finish of any garage lock is less important than having one. It is in any homeowner’s interest to invest in garage door locks as a simple, inexpensive, front-line security measure. The peace of mind overcomes any cost outlay so don’t delay…ORDER TODAY and feel protected right away!

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