Cedar Garage Doors Offer Performance and Curb Appeal

Garage doors come in many materials, but among the most attractive and durable are cedar garage doors. Adding aesthetic appeal to any home exterior is critical.  An overlooked area is the garage and wooden garage doors have a certain timeless appeal.  Although many garage doors are made of wood (redwood, oak, etc.), cedar can outshine them all.

traditional cedar carriage garage door

A real wood garage door can add rustic charm.

Cedar garage doors may be made of vertical planks, shakes or lateral beams. Styles are up to the homeowner and the supplier – one can choose from thousands of designs. Installation is not more difficult than for any other garage door.  Cedar wood offers beautiful options for finishes as well, not the least of which is the natural color of the wood with nothing more than a water sealant applied.  Natural cedar can be stained to imitate any other wood color as well, and because it is a hard wood it is very durable.  The patina of untreated cedar is quite attractive, yielding up grey/brown tones with silvery highlights (think of all those beautiful cottages on Nantucket or Martha’s Vineyard with cedar shake roofs and siding).

Popular cedar garage door with custom window inserts.

Carriage style cedar door with custom window inserts.

Like anything else, cedar garage doors have their pluses and minuses.  Certainly, as with any wood garage door there is a downside.  Wood, of course, is subject to splintering or marring.  It can attract mildew, resulting in unsightly staining.  Because cedar is tougher than many woods, however, is can take more abuse than most. Another element to consider is a minor one, but it is still a nice feature – cedar wood has a unique, pleasant, slightly spicy smell.  The garage’s interior will pick up the scent from the cedar wood garage door and offer a lightly fragrant air to the space.

midcentury modern style cedar garage door

Typical modern style of cedar door.

Although wooden garage doors, perhaps made of maple or pine (or even plywood or other composites) can be inexpensive, a fine grain hardwood will cost more up front.  However, the return on the investment makes the addition of a cedar wood garage door worth the cost.  Cost, of course, is important when buying any garage door (whether choosing metal, fiberglass, or of some other material).  Cedar wood garage doors are more expensive than metal or fiberglass garage doors.  A typical, ordinary, cheap garage door runs between $500 and $800. In contrast, a finely crafted cedar wood garage door can cost about $1200 for the same surface area.  Some of these doors, depending upon the richness of the grade of wood or styles, can run as much as $3000 for a single overhead hung door for a standard two-car garage. However, for this extra money the homeowner gains a bit of elegance in addition to simply having a new garage door.

The style of cedar doors is almost endless. The horizontal plank variety greatly complement the sleek midcentury modern and modern home, while carriage doors work well with many Victorian or contemporary styles. No matter what taste or architectural style that a home is, there is a great cedar garage door to make it look even better.

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